HR Consulting


HR Consulting

We help small business owners and HR leaders transform and equip themselves for success in a rapidly changing global environment with future-ready HR strategies focused on the employee experience.

We are a group of reputed industry experts with over 26 years of experience in Human resources and entrepreneurship working across several geographies and global companies such as ABB, Legrand, IBM, Harman Group, Adecco, etc.

Transforming the HR function

More than a buzzword, HR transformation has become a natural phenomenon for growing and evolving companies. Many organizations will struggle for growth without a strategic refocus on effective remote working, process optimization, digitalization, and the development agile workforce. Rapid transformation is the only solution to address changing market needs and stay ahead of client expectations.

With Telos People’s help, the most prominent teams are leading the change inside and out – not just supporting it – by transforming HR into a more people-centric function that is reimagining the employee experience and finding efficiencies during an unexpected time.

Here are the some of the vital concerns leaders must address. Which of these does your organization requires focus on?

How can we re-strategise and design people value proposition by developing data harnessed strategic changes to retain and develop our people?

​ How do create a business case for technology investments and assess our digital-readiness?
How can we ensure our people experience differentiates us given the new world order of hybrid and remote working?
How can we design our HR model that will help in creating an agile organization and workforce?

How do we inspire and engage our employees as the world is changing?

Redesigning people function with people at the heart of everything

As organizations commit to creating newer employee experiences, we help HR and business leaders play a strategic role by transforming from a standard operating model to objective driven collaboration model. Our approach and model will help people functions to becomes people centric. It places a premium on exceptional personal and digital employee interactions, with employee satisfaction as the key success metric.

By targeting the desired employee experience and building on end users’ needs, HR will naturally create a new people-centric model. Most successful companies are four times more likely to have a collaborative and people centric approach to doing business.


Fast-tracking transformation in your organization
and people function

Transforming people function is journey- it needs is a start. Whether you are exploring to make your people strategy work well for your business and customers, up-skill your key HR talent, or optimize your technological investments, Telos is here to help.

01 . People transformation

People transformation check

Review service delivery model and organization design

Improved People-centric approach and process optimization

02 .Digital strategy development

Digital strategy and implementation

Digital readiness assessment

Risk assessment and diminution

03 . Change management

Change management planning and implementation

Strategic direction and communication

Project development: coaching, execution, and progress follow-up