Social Media

Online content is generated and shared at an exponential rate. Content risks continue to expand as well, and companies need tactical systems and expert moderators to protect users. 



We foster a safe and welcoming community platform. Our services combine 24/7 content reviews and management, fraud prevention and abuse detection, and profile impersonation detection. Our team is specially trained to understand, and moderate content based on your standards. We combine customer support with our content moderation to effectively perform risk analysis and stay ahead of potential challenges.


Telos People can support in several areas to successfully grow your business.

  • Digital Marketing

  • Online Marketing 

  • SEO

  • SEO Copy Writing 

Here are the four stages of your project:

1). Full understanding of your products/services and the audience we need to target.

2). Detailed strategy will be put on the table for us to discuss the next steps.

3). Once agreed; implementation will take place.

4). Tools provided for you to monitor progress as your website climbs its way to the top

What’s Included?

1). On-site optimization

2). Full Audit including Technical

3). Meta titles and descriptions

Heading (H1-H6)

  1. URL structure

  2. Alt text for images

  3. Internal Linking

  4. Schema mark up

  5. Duplicate content check

Off page – building your popularity and visibility

  1. Competitor Analysis

  2. Increasing your domain’s authority

  3. External linking from multiple blog articles

  4. Bad link penalty removal (if needed)

  5. Unique content checker

Additional Support: 

  1. Google Analytics / Google Search Console set-up and monitoring

  2. Backlinks analysis

  3. Content ideas based on KW research